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Bon nuit, mon ami

Posted by Fiergon - October 26th, 2007

That's pretty much the most complete sentence I've ever spoken in French. Probably because I take Spanish. But hey.

I have some bad, bad news for the Silent Hill 2 sequel. But sorta good news for me.

We're going into hiatus for a while.

The Reasoning:

Kristy's busy with art school, and I'm busy building up a portfolio so that an art school will be my friend, too. That along with other IRL necessities thrown into the mix equals me without much free time.

But chill for a bit. I'll be making flashes... just, y'know, not this one. For now anyway. But I want it to get done, so don't worry.

Bon nuit, mon ami

Comments (38)

Nice work I luv ur videos this pic rockz

man that sux donkey balls. that video got postepone dam

wtf man. lol

cant wait

Don't worry, we can wait and...

I'm french (from Quebec) and...

That's better to say "Bonne nuit, mon ami"

that's "la nuit" not "le nuit" :)

god.... i still cant wait for the hiatus to come to a deadly halt....well... in an ironic statement, i mean for it to come back into the workplace (or where ever you do flash's) and finish the sequal..... james is the best character.....

Aw damn.....How long's this hiatus gonna be? Cuz i needs my daily fiergon, ya know.

The pic is awesome but sucks to hear about SH :(

It is bonne nuit, mon ami :)

I hope you find the time and will to work because what you do is pretty awesome :) Kinda egoraptorish but with your own style, hilarious.

hey will this be the last one like u know.cause like will this be the rest of the game if so awsome.


man ur still in Hiatus. that sucks. I don't think I can wait any longer for that vid XD.

It is April 2008 and there is still no part 2. Honestly thats just pathetic, I mean how can you just let your fans wait so long just because your to lazy to make anymore? you have had enough of a hiatus , either stop torturing the fans or just end the seires.

Oh, the Chibi Hill thing is on hiatus? Aw, that's sad... but hey, good luck to you and your lady friend in art school, dude.

oh my god...

you released part one on August 25th, 2006, you posted this announcing the
START of a hiatus on October 26th, 2007, which is over a WHOLE YEAR LATER,
and it is now April 12, 2008, and you are still in the hiatus...

WHAT THE FUCK!? dude, im thinking your just lazy and dont want to work on it... which is fine but at least ADMIT IT, cuz with this timeline you really have no other real excuse that I can see...

I just watched part one of Silent Hill: CE today, and it's the best spoof of a video game ever and I'm sad to see that it'll be a while for part 2. Ignore all those guys complaining about how you're too lazy to get it done. I understand how that art thing could take a lot of effort and the longer it takes to make part 2, the better it can be. Good luck!

jesus, two years? when are you going to do the second part? lol. I really like the first, but not to the point of having this long to wait for a second. Please do it? lol


Wait wait wait, what? Oh well I guess I kind of understand but please get back to it soon! Loved the first one!

"You smell nice" ROFL XD

Dude >_<
Make it nooow!
It's been like a year!
wanna see it noooooow ^_^

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