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Power of 3 Artist + etc.

Posted by Fiergon - May 21st, 2009

Hey gang-- Just putting my name out there as a Power of 3 artist. This sounds like an awesome project and I'm sure there plenty of teams formed already that are gonna do amazing. But I'm just gonna put my name out there and see if anyone's interested-- I'm keeping an eye out for a programmer and a musician, but if anyone wants to get together to make something simple and fun, I'm up for it!

-EDIT- Already found me a team in need of an artist. So I'm good! Thanks for all your offers, tho. More on this as it develops!
Also, in other news, I'm getting some good feedback on my part in theStreet Fighter Collab. Funnily enough, I've been getting more posts about which songs were used. So, here's a quick rundown:

Ryu: "Average Man" By Reel Big Fish
Ken: "Barbara Ann" by the Beach Boys
Guile: "America, Fuck Yeah" by Team America World Police
Akuma: "Crunk Juice" by Songs to Wear Pants To
Blanka: "Barber of Seville: Overture" by Rossini

And Dan and Z-gief are listening to the Dan Hibiki Podcast, recorded by sir Egoraptor.
Okay, that's out of the way. Last minute things, I'm done with my first year of art school. It was good times! I learned a bunch. Summer's gonna be spent on art. Got a few projects lined up. Here goes nothin', right?

Go Planet!

Comments (15)

hey can i work as your musician?

i found your musician...


i just so happen to a skilled as2.0 guy...
ask me for a demo(s)

you know, im glad i saw this post, because i was about to ask you what song Akuma was listening to...lol...well, thx

Welcome to Dan Habiki Podcast your source at all things Dan Habiki im your Host Dan Habiki

make fucking shce2! It's all we care about!

Captain Planet, eh? I knew you were always the hippy type, Fier. xD
Anyways, 'grats on getting into the SFC, dude. That's an honor of a collab, man.
Tell Scorch to get done with summer school already. I want to see SHC out soon, or no more fruit punch after dinner!
Heheh, see ya.

You read my mind, i was entered your profile to send you an pm asking you the what song was ryu listening to. ^^

can there be a sequel to silent hill 2?

hey i just saw your part in the street fighter flash collab and i was wondering what song akuma was listening to...could you tell me please

It's maybe cauz' i'm french but... it's seem to me we say:

"bonne nuit, mon ami"


dude your badass i like how your art is...and you pick stuff no one even knows of which is a good thing i hope you can up with somthing big dude...

im really wnna no wen ur gonna do silent hill 2 ce?

Please come back to us =(

It's a shame they never kept going as a team. A real shame kinda pisses me off that they leave this at a cliff hanger. I know they showed us rough sketches what they had planned but guess their lives went in different directions. Still fuck you for not at least trying to get back and communicating with your fans that love your work.

I've watched this so many many many times hoping to see you guys return too it and make parodies of the other games, but to no avail.