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Silent Hill 2: Chibi Edition Pt. 2- Hark! A Trailer!

Posted by Fiergon - March 12th, 2009

As I've said, I haven't been working on the sequel to SH2:CE Part 2. (Wow, that's an acronym). Kristy's been working on it instead, and she's cobbled together a nice little trailer for you guys just as an FYI that someone's working on it.

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So hang in there, folks!

I've submitted my entry to the Street Fighter Collab (didn't get a chance to make a second one), and have started up one of my own projects which I hope to send into the portal before too long (i.e. sometime this spring). But while Kristy's working on the SH2 project, I'd be more than happy to offer some additional animation or inbetweening wherever need be.

See you next time, internet!

Comments (16)

Dude. I've been forever for the sequel. Can't wait for it.

It looks awesome man. Love the graphics, it looks just like the comic. The siren annoyed me a little though, kinda wished for some audio, but oh well I can wait. Cant wait to see it done.

Aww it's so AWESOME! I likes it. ^-^

Need more.

Awesome! Nuff said.

the preview looks like shit but uh hey thats just my opinion!

To quote a game that the comment fit in, and fits here...
"Its about damn time"
I remember the first one, and it was one reason I started an account on here, so I didn't have to search for it over and over :P (I kid I kid).
Seriously though, I can't wait, I'll be sure to vote a 5 when its out :D

I dont wanna sound dumb or anything but, i like the first one cause it was fuck'n halirious even with out swaring i hope you can do that twice ^-^ P.S. Swaring rocks fuck, shit, bitch gotta luv em'.

chibi is crap uh oh!!!!!!!!!!!

The preview only looks bad cause its a rough draft version. duh.
Well good luck to the project i cant wait for it to come too and i almost thought you gave up on the part 2 and if you need any help with the script or additional ideas just let me know, id be glad to help

is it goin to be in colors?

Awesome! Glad to know you're still oot and aboot and that Kristy is headin' the the ol' SH:CE.
Can't wait to see what you'll be bringin' to the portal soonish!
Also, love the trailer.
*~t3h C.

Nicely done in the Street fighter collab! Ken listening to beach boys was fantastic ahhaha

Yesz, a sequel. :D
This Trailer made my day.

hey hey, i like your movies :D

but hey i have a question about your piece in street fighter collab: What's the song Ryu is listening to? :D

it says the video was removed :(