2009-01-23 02:31:10 by Fiergon

Hey folks. Doesn't it feel fresh and wonderful to be updating twice within the same month? It's empowering, and yet? It soothes the soul. Wait, what was I talking about?

Oh, right. Slapped on some new graphics for this page, in delicious monochrome. These should last about as long as my attention span should. This time next week it'll be wall-to-wall Norse helmets.

Right, also! Doing a little song and dance for the Street Fighter Collab, which should be all sewn up and sent in probably this weekend, assuming all else goes well. Maybe I'll even have time for another one!

I put up a screenshot in the thread, but hey, have another one! Consider it bonus content.

Also, another thing! I've got some projects lined up after this is all done with. At this stage I'm really not at liberty to say, but I've got parts of an animatic worked out, and I think you'll enjoy it when it eventually hits the stage.

And one last note, I'm finally back in the dorms for the spring. Mm, missed the lobby couches.

Alright, I'm out. Take care, internet.



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2009-01-28 00:32:34

You still didn't answer my question. If Scorch is doing Silent Hill:CE, who's gonna do the voice of James?

Fiergon responds:

Aah, sorry for not getting to you.

Uhm, well, we had Egoraptor record a buttload of lines for James when the project stared however many years ago. So if the sequel ever emerges, you'll probably be listening to his manly caramel baritone.


2009-01-30 16:12:09

Egoraptor voicing James? Are you sure about that?

Fiergon responds:

We were sure about that 2 years ago, and I still think it's pretty good.

Also, Ego can do a waaaay better James than I could.


2009-02-01 17:40:20

We'll see, I guess.


2009-02-01 17:45:53

He is pretty good at voice acting anyway.


2009-02-01 17:46:13

An, I'm a fan of his work. :P


2009-02-12 07:19:57



2009-02-19 14:10:49

^.^* i love the silent hill flash u made. After i watched it i made my friend watch it and she said she was laughing so hard she cried xD lolz! i cant wait till the the second part to it :o


2009-02-19 21:34:34

btw have u actually played and beaten silent hill 2 the video game? just asking cause some people do flashes on games they havent played before


2009-05-20 23:08:58

nice flash firegon!
P.S what was the song for akuma's Ipod