..Oh yeah, updating. Right.

2009-01-13 01:53:00 by Fiergon

Hi! It's apparently 2009. Geeze, a lot has happened. So let's break it down:

1. I'm a freshman in art school now. It's fun! But also hard.

2. Kristy is now out of art school. She is now licensed to kick names and take ass for art's sake.

3. I'm working on Flash!

4. However, I am NOT currently working on Silent Hill 2. Sorry.

5. I've handed off everything to Kristy, whom I haven't heard back from yet, but she'll probably be working on it. If you see the sequel, it'll probably be submitted under her name, not mine.

6. I start the spring term in less than a week. I was hoping to get more involved in the NG community this year, but depending on how busy school keeps me, well, we'll see, k?

That's all for now. Happy 2009! Let's make it a winner.

..or you know, whatever.


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2009-01-13 02:09:57

nice to hear from you, its been a long time... first things first:
1- Good luck in art school.
2-Good for her!
3-nice to hear it.
4- WHY!!??
5-well... at least there`s hope for the sequel to be released :)
Happy 2009 to you too... have a great year!


2009-01-13 05:12:03

Yaaaaaaay your alive! But who's going to do the voice of James?


2009-01-13 11:17:54

woah, I thought you were dead... or kidnaped.... or abducted... or working in a home for war victims in Gaza.


2009-01-18 17:59:29

Welcome Back~!
I was kinda worried there for a while. I'm a big fan of your work and I can't wait for you to jump back into the game.
Hope your school year is going better than mine.
*~t3h C.