Entry #1

Better break this baby in.

2007-09-02 04:19:45 by Fiergon

This new layout, if you hadn't already noticed, kicks a lot of ass.

Well, I'm happy to say that the flash project me and Kristy are currently working on (Silent Hill 2: CE 2) has come out of a big slump, and swinging. I've gotten off my ass and Kristy's taking a Flash animation class at her whimsical art school.

Here's hoping for Halloween.


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2007-09-18 03:29:59

I watched silent hill 2 and thought it was funny as hell. I had to have watched it almost every day. I make it a pint to give you my five every day just because I thought it was funny and good enough for that. Also that part were he meets that girl in the graveyard made me jump. Did not expect them to scream. made me laugh even harder:):)


2007-09-29 14:17:23

AWSOME!!! im sooooooooo glad your out of the slump for the CE: 21 ive been waiting forever!


2007-10-09 21:24:39

jesus finnaly i saw it more than a half a year ago, i think....anyway if you go on youtube there are thosusands of requests that u make another one and well im glade you got off your ass and decided to do somthing about it,

hope the second one is as good as the first


2007-10-24 20:03:59

hopes its coming out soon (can u make a trailer of it plz) and give a best guess as u can when its comin out

from your fan:


2008-10-29 09:55:26

i can't wait to see the sequell.it's been a long time now,the first part ruled but i don't want to rush you,i think the longer it takes the better will end(i think) :P
you are the best keep up the good work...